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Pottery Gallery 



Production ware - The majority of my work and my inspiration is to make useful, durable objects that are beautiful to use and to look at. I fire my 24 cu ft gas-fired kiln about 40 times each year. Here you will find a some samples of what I do.






Wood-fired pottery - I also have a kiln which uses wood as it's only fuel. Temperatures can be reached that are hot enough to melt the glazes, and the effects of the wood ash can be marvellous. Alas, back in 2014 the kiln aged beyond repair and I have been in "rebuilding" mode ever since. Will 2017 be the summer I finally do a successful rebuild? -- we'll see.







Dinnerware - For many years I have enjoyed making dinner plates and bowls for people to use as their everyday dishes. Some samples are shown here. Also, I have recently been making some restaurant ware (see links).




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