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Timothy Smith: Potter



I started making pottery in 1986 while at University of Toronto studying electrical engineering, when my wife-to-be gave me a set of pottery lessons for Christmas. It was love at first pot! After graduation I returned to school at Sheridan College for a three year ceramics program. I moved to Dundas, Ontario in 1990 to work at Scott Barnim's studio. Four years later I had started my own studio in our little house. By 1998 we had three small children and no room to budge in our wee abode. It was time to move. By luck, another potter was selling his home and studio near Wiarton, on the Bruce peninsula. It was perfect timing and our big chance to head on out to the country. Since early 1999 I have owned and operated Gleason Brook Pottery (named after a trickle of water that runs behind the property). We love it! The surroundings are inspiring. There is room to roam and to grow. Business is brisk and the studio is big enough that each summer I can have the privilege of hiring and working with two College students (usually from Sheridan).




I love doing what I do. I hope my pots are filled with admirable qualities -- Usefulness, Simplicity, Strength, Humility. I believe that living with objects of utilitarian beauty can enhance the enjoyment of each day. I try to make pots which satisfy that belief. If I had to sum up all the wisdom I know about happiness it would be this:

Be yourself. Celebrate Every Day.

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